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What's on my mind!

As I am sitting here working on my website many things cross my mind.  The first is what a crazy world we live in.  There is so much going on around the world with the Corona Virus - COVID19. 

What am I doing to help me get through staying inside?  Family comes first so I talk to my family via Facetime, Messenger or just talking on the phone.  Business wise I started taking pictures of my products.  Then I bit the bullet and worked on my website.  Thinking about what I can do business wise has helped some.  

I live in a rural area of Northern New Hampshire.  My husband and I are doing our part by trying to support the small businesses.  Please take time and support small businesses.  It is now we all need support.  We want to keep small businesses alive and well.  The people running them are neighbors and friends. Please help each other, be kind, and smile.  Your smile can make someone's day.

Have a wonderful day!

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