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Wondering about my process in making my lotion?

During this trying time of COVID-19 I want to let you know my process to make sure everything is safe.   I will be posting a video in the near future.  Here are the steps I take.  The first step I take is to put on gloves and a mask.   I clean my kitchen counter with warm water and dish soap.  Once my counter is dry I then spray my counter with at least 90% isopropyl alcohol.  I will then lay down freezer paper and layout my tools and my crockpot.  These then get sprayed with the alcohol and are allowed to dry.  It is then I am ready to weight out my ingredients.  Throughout the whole process I keep on both a mask and gloves.  I will change them every time it is necessary.   
if you have any questions please contact me by calling.texting my cellphone, 802-391-4103, or email at

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