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What has been happening at Carmella's Lotion

I have had a lot of things going on.  Since May 2022 I have been doing the Lancaster's Farmers Market here in Lancaster, NH.  The Farmer's Market goes through October 9th.

I have also been thinking about changing the name of my business to include soap and other products.  My business will still be Carmella's Bath & Body.  You will still be able to find me at Carmella's Lotion.

I was at the Lancaster Fair from Thursday September 4th through the 5th.  My good friends Tanya and Jim from Ridge Hemp let me set up a table in their tent.  it was so nice of them to do.  I learned a lot about their business while helping them.  Not only did they let me set up with them Tanya also gave me ideas and suggestions about my business.  I am going to start wrapping my soaps differently for these types of events.   There is a good chance I will be at the Fryeburg Fair with them also. 

I have been busy making soap.  Once I have made the soap it takes 4-6 weeks to cure.  The water that is used when making soap needs time to evaporate from the soap.  It takes that much time for the soap bars to harden.

Remember if you have a suggestion for a scent please let me know.  If I can find the right essential oils for that scent I will try to make it.

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