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What is happing this month?

Check out what is happening this month!

Carmella's Bath and Body ending a week at the Lancaster Fair.  The town fair is always a great place to meet new people.  A lot of soap sold last week.  Now I am in the process of making soap.  It will be a busy month.  

Today I will be making a Clary Sage Cypress Soap.  This will be great for the guys.  To be honest also for the ladies.  The next few weeks include Lavender Bergamot, Sweet Orange Patchouli, Mechanics/Gardners, Chamomile Lavender, Unscented, one with Oatmeal and Goats Milk.  

I will also be coming up with a recipe for soap a customer asked me for.  It will not have coconut but will have beeswax.  The avocado oil will be replaced with grapes oil.

I have been making a Bugs Away? Lotion Bar.  I cannot say it will keep the bugs away but many have bought it and they comeback to purchase it for themselves and friends.  I'm having a hard time keeping it in stock.  


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