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What is happening at Carmella's Bath and Body

Spring is here in Lancaster NH and that means Sugaring Season (Maple Syrup).  As I love maple syrup I have not figured out how to include it in my lotions or soaps.  Spring also means snow storms.  Yesterday was a day for a major snow storm so I took the day off.

Now I need to get back into a routine of making products and getting ready for the Lancaster Farmer's Market.   This means I need to make lots of soap.  It means making soap every day for a while.   It also means making lotion bars.  Last years best seller wasn't Bugs Away?.   I had many people purchase Bugs Away? Lotion Bar to give it a try.  After they tried it they would send their friends.   People also enjoy Lavender, Sandalwood, and Rose.  

My calendar is getting filled in with what I will be making for the rest of March and the beginning of April.  I will be taking a week off in the end of April to spend time with my Dad, sister and daughter.  

Oh yeah I also need to organize the room where I keep most of the ingredients and supplies.  

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