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The Soap Proceess

There are many steps in creating soap.  The first challenge I face is figuring out what scent I want in my soap.  This to me is one of the hardest parts.  There are so many different scents that I like.  The next one is to weight and measure all my ingredients.  This does take a little bit of time as it needs to be done carefully.   A mistake of an ounce could make my soap not come out right.  The I begin the process of mixing the sodium hydroxide to the distilled water.  While that is cooling down next is melting and mixing the oils.  While this is happening, I can find the colors to add in.  Once I have done that the process of blending the lye water and oils together begins.  I do have to be careful not to overmix it.  Once it is emulsified, I can divide the batter into different containers to mix the colors in.  Then the real fun begins.  I have to bring the colors to light trace in the correct order so that I can achieve the design/results I want.  That is when I can start pouring the batter into the mold.  Once this is done it is time to wrap the mold to insulate it for at least 24 hours.  Once I uncover the mold and take the soap out, I can usually cut it into bars.  This is the point where I can see if the design is what I was aiming for.  Sometimes it is a complete surprise.  So far, those surprises are good ones.  Then the waiting begins.  The soap then needs to cure for 4 - 6 weeks.  The longer the bars cure the better.   After the 4-6 weeks of curing time the bars are ready.  Yes, I do sample one of every scent I created.   I do not sell products that I would not use.

A note regarding the scents I use.  As with my lotion I only use essential oils.  Also, as with the lotion there isn't a strong scent.  

This is the same process use for shampoo bars.  

If you have any suggestions on scents/essential oils to use, please sent me an email and I will try to use it.

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