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Known Benefits of Essential Oils

Through my research I have information on what essential oils are known for.  I have completed a list of the known benefits.  The information here comes from Essential Oils by Susan Curtis, Pat Thomas and Fran Johnson.   and some from the internet.  The information I use from the internet has come from a reliable source. 

Basil:  Is known to enhance the well-being along with balancing and toning the skin.

Bergamot:  Is known for its cooling effects, soothes the skin, improves the skin tone, helps to calm dry itchy skin, has natural healing properties, can help to reduce the appearance of scars and enhance the well-being.  It is also known for comb and oily skin.

Cedarwood: Is known to help to sooth the skin, tones and heals, help to calm itching and irritated skin.  It is also known to lift moods as it is grounding and calming. 

Chamomile:  Helps to sooth, heal and cleans, as it also helps to promote sleep.

Eucalyptus:  Is warming, helps to tone the skin, increases concentration.  It is also known to ease aches and pains and improve focus.

Frankincense:  Is known for its toning and invigorating affects.  As well as helping to sooth and calming frayed nerves. 

Geranium:  Is known to have a balancing and colling effect on the skin.  As well as having a reviving effect.  It is known to balance emotions.  Another quality is toning the skin well being good for all skin types.  It helps to reduce wrinkles, scars and blemishes.

Jasmine:  Is also known to help sooth and tone the skin.  Its aroma has an uplifting effect.

Lavender:  is known for its qualities include calming, rejuvenating and soothe the skin.  It is also known to help heal skin, promotes sleep.

Lemon:  Is known to tone the skin, lift moods. 

Lime:  Is known for its refreshing and cleansing aroma.  The aroma helps to calm and clear the mind.  It is also known to have a cooling effect and as a stress reliever.  When used in lotion it helps clear and brighten dull and congested skin.

Myrrh:  Is known to heal and tone skin.  It is also known to help enhance well being. 

Orange:  Is known for its many qualities.  It is known for its versatility, calming mind and muscles, and rejuvenation.  It has used for its uplifting and detoxifying effects.  It also helps tone, revitalize and brighten skin.  The aroma helps to relieve anxiety.

Patchouli:   Is known to help soothe the skin as well as helping and revitalizing complexions.

Peppermint:  Is not only known for its refreshing and stimulating aroma but it is known also to help soothe skin.  It also may have a cooling effect. 

Rose:   Is know for its sweet aroma.  It also is known for its antiaging effects also with helping to prevent scaring and easing itching.

Sandalwood:  Is know for many qualities.  It helps to revive and heal dry damaged skin, helps to protect and balance skin.  It is also known for its anti-inflammatory benefits.    The aroma is known to have a restorative effect on both mind and emotions.

Spearmint:  Is known to have the same effects as Peppermint.

Thyme:  Is know for its many qualities like soothing coughs, fighting fungal infections, easing aches and pains, helping to clear acne and enhancing well-being.

Ylang Ylang:  Is known for its exotic and highly flora aroma.  It is also known for its balancing properties for skin types.  It may help to improve complexation, tone skin, and help in relaxation.