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What goes into making my lotion

Preparing to make lotion.   Many steps are taken.  I do glove find change them throughout the process.
Today is the day I am making lavender lotion.  I have taken a few pictures along the way.  Every time I start by cleaning of one of my kitchen counter and my stove.  I wash my surfaces then spray alcohol to sterilize.   I let the alcohol air dry.  Then comes the freezer paper I put on the counter and my stove.  More sterilizing of all my tools.  Once that is completed I then get my ingredients.  I carefully measure of the each of the ingredients that needs to be melted. I put in my wax melter to start melting process.  Once my ingredients is melting at at the temperature I need I keep it at that temperature for a time.  Then the heat is turned off.  It then cools to room temperature in a bowl I use for mixing.  Then more measuring of the liquid ingredients.  The ingredients will be added to the cooled ingredients and mixed with an emulsion blender.  The liquid ingredients is added a little at a time.  I continue blending it until it is the right consistency.   Once I have it I then begin bottling the cream into glass jars.  First step of preparation Some of the ingredients Melting ingredientsCooling to room temperature

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