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Holiday Season

This year has been a crazy year with dealing with COVID-19.  Thanksgiving is just a couple of weeks away.  Wow, how did that happen!   Before we know it Christmas will be here.  

Have you done any of your Christmas shopping yet?  I know I have done very little.  The shopping I have been done has been online.  When I'm looking for gifts or stuff for myself I look to purchase through small businesses.  I truly believe the small businesses need our help to survive.  As with mine I put my heart and soul into each batch of lotion I make.  We all want to provide a product we are proud of.  It is our reputations that we are putting on the line. 

That is why I use the best ingredients I can and still have a reasonable price on my product.  When I can find organic ingredients I will use them.  I try my hardest to find certified organic ingredients.  

My recipe for my cream lotion has been tweaked. It is still an all natural lotion.  In the  beginning I wanted a cream that would be creamy and not to feel greasy.  After doing more research I have found what I was looking for.  I know produce a lotion that can be pumped.  I have a couple of scents in 7 ounce pumpable glass containers.  I am proud of this.  My lotions have a natural preservative in them to help with their shelf life.  I am also using a plant based emulsifying wax so that the ingredients do not separate.

Well I have provided a lot of information about my product.  I have had a customer that recently contacted me and asked me for 20 lotions bars she could give as Christmas gifts.  They also makes great gifts to give an hostess of a party.  What is better than having a lotion you can put on after cleanup, taking a shower, before bed.   I will customize the lotion to a scent you want.  I may not always be able to find the essential oil scent you want but I will look for the right combinations to mix together.  If I cannot find what I need I will let you know.  

I will mail the package to the address you choose.  It can be yours or another location.  If you choose to have it sent as a gift I will enclose a note for you.  

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