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Always learning

It seems everyday I am learning something new.  I may learn new things by researching through the web, taking on-line classes, networking and talking to others.

Today I participated in a round table meeting through Wren,  The discussion was new classes they will be offering, what one of our state representatives is working on, and organic web traffic.  

Chuck Henderson from Jeanne Shaheen's Office participated in the discussion.  It was very interesting to hear what she is working on to help small businesses.  Those who have been in business for awhile are having a hard time.  And those of us  who are new businesses are having a difficult time.

I know for me getting my business name out there has been difficult.  If you know someone who is looking for a healthy, natural, handcrafted lotion, body lotion and hand lotion please pass my information on to them.  I will work directly with customers to determine what it is they are looking for.  If there is a product you or anyone is looking for and I do not have it I am willing to do research and make it if it is possible.  

My lotion nourishes your skin.  The ingredients I use are shea butter, beeswax, mango butter, aloe vera, organic essential oils, and when available certified essential oils. The oils I use include pure coconut , sunflower, almond, jojoba, argon oil, olive,  grapeseed, avocado, and apricot.  I also use zinc oxide for adding sun protection.  

I will continue to use natural, organic and certified organic ingredients in my products.

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